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This organization is proud to share the Legacy of the Former Warren County Training School (WCTS) and the North Warren High School (NWHS) which was a Julius Rosenwald Campus established in the early 1920s. Mr. Rosenwald was a Chicago philanthropist and president of Sears, Roebuck And Company.

The Rosenwald Foundation’s funding supported the building of many public schools in several southern states to educate African American students. Funding from the Rosewald Foundation and the local community built the first African American High School in Warren County, NC.

The first building was destroyed in 1931 by a tornado. Later that year the Rosenwald Foundation funds along with donations from the local community erected a brick building which remains today.The Alumni Association is composed of former students, spouses and friends of the organization.There are six active chapters in several states on the east coast.


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