Historical Prespective
The Warren County Training School-North Warren High School (WCTS-NWHS) Alumni Association, and Friends Inc., is an outgrowth of Warren County Training School, which in the later years was known as North Warren High School.

The School was established in the early 1920s, as a result of major fundraising campaign by local citizens who donated and received donations from churches and businesses in the community and Julius Rosenwald, a prominent Jewish philanthropist who saw the critical need for the education of blacks throughout the South. 

Pursuant to the closure of NWHS in 1969 and following several school reunions, alumni leaders organized the Association in 1983, with the mission being to preserve and perpetuate the school's rich heritage. Moreover, the Assocation is implementing plans to foster the advancement of a healthier quality of life for all the citizens of Warren County through the development of a Community Service and Empowerment Center.